This blog will remain as a historical reference

The EP121 is a great product with many wonderful features.  I still have mine in active use.  But it is now a mature product.  That means new units are no longer being manufactured and the likelihood of seeing new drivers or updates from Asus is very slim.

Given that, it is unlikely there will be a need for new posts.  I’m leaving this blog online as a historical reference for those users and enthusiasts who wish to refer to the data to assist with upgrades, issues, or just refer to from time to time as a reference.

I received many comments about how useful the blog was and it was certainly a pleasure for me to write.  I have also received countless requests to write similar blogs about other new products as they are introduced into the market.  That would certainly be a challenge for me as I don’t do this for a living and time is a precious commodity.  A blog of high quality requires significant time.  That being said, if I do find another product that I am passionate about I may endeavor to start a new blog about it.

Thank you for expressing your comments and I hope you all enjoy your EP121’s well into the future.


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