Windows 8

Asus has released support for Windows 8 on the EP121.  This is comprised of 4 parts:

1. BIOS version 701

  • This BIOS will add Windows 8 support for all the physical buttons on the EP121. The big change is the large front button will be modified to become the Windows button when pressed. For Windows 8 this is important as the Windows button is what returns the user to the home screen.  Pressing and holding this button will take the user to the lock/switch user screen.
  • This BIOS is available on the Asus website along with installation instructions.

2. Drivers

  • There are 3 new drivers (ATK, Hotkeys and G Sensor). There’s not much you need to know about these as they will be automatically downloaded and applied during the Windows 8 installation. So there’s no action needed on your part.  It will just work.

Enjoy Windows 8 on your EP121 🙂


26 Responses to “Windows 8”

  1. “Windows 8 Asus EP121 Slate PC Unofficial Blog” was indeed
    a superb posting. If merely there was much more sites similar to this one
    on the actual web. Anyhow, many thanks for your time, Agnes

  2. Harvey Colwell Says:

    I upgraded the slate from Windows 7 pro. The upgrade process went off without any errors Although, after the final reboot, top keyboard and screen lock buttons didn’t work. I updated the BIOS and manually installed the ATK, Hotkeys and G Sensor drivers. Now the keyboard will pop up if the desktop is active, but not the start screen is active. And the screen now rotates regardless of the screen lock button position.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  3. I have an EP121 with a 32 gb SSD. I only have about 4 gb available and when It I try to upgrade to Windows 8 the program indicates that I need 20 gb of free space. The windows 7 operating system takes up 20 gb so how can I ever get the upgrade installed?

  4. If I did all this and updated to Win8, will I lose all the current apps and data files?

  5. I have a 32gb ep121. can anyone give me a step by step guide to upgrade from windows 7 pro to windows 8 pro.

  6. Fahad AL-Dosary Says:

    I have found so many Biso Files do i have to use them in sequence or i will use the most recent on; please help.

  7. joe verde Says:

    Please help I love my asus EP121 32GIG but I can’t seen to be able to install windows 8 pro box that I got from best buy. When I try to install it, tell me that I don’t have enough space and I need 20 gig. PS my asus is running windows 7 premium 64! THKS

  8. Just installed the full release of win8 pro and EVERYTHING works! You no longer have to install ASUS software to get the buttons to work and G-sensor works like a charm. The only issue I have is with the Bluetooth driver. It frequently drops out and I won’t be able to type/use the mouse. The new BT driver is crap so avoid installing it if possible.

  9. I am not very familiar with BIOS and all. Is there a step by step guide to upgrade to Windows 8 from 7 in EP121 slate? And also I unfortunately lost the cd that comes with the slate, so I do not have drivers or backup cd for the system, will that be a problem to upgrade? How much is the cost for the upgrade?

  10. Hi,

    I am getting ready to flash my Asus EP121 before installing Windows 8.

    There are 3 files in the BIOS 701: AS, F1 & ME.
    I am inclined, to use F1 and reboot the slate.

    Is that right? If not, which one should I use?
    Is there any way to confirm this update will not brick my slate?

    Please help.


    • There is no way to confirm that a BIOS update will not brick your machine. It happens sometimes for a number of reasons.
      As for which file to choose from, I normally just use the Asus Winflash utility and point it to the directory and it seems to know which file to choose. I’ve never had to specify it myself.
      Alternatively, if you do not have Winflash, you can do it using EZFlash in the BIOS but in my experience, that is a more risky method.
      Note that the Asus site states to restart (not shutdown) your machine after flashing.

  11. Glad to know there will be support for Windows 8 with the tablet. How about the drivers for the pen in applications like Photoshop? It uses a different driver than Windows Ink and Artrage; will they make a driver for it? I tried installing the driver on Windows 8 Consumer Preview but I seem to have to “switch between drivers” depending of the software used. If that’s going to stay like that I’ll have to stay with Windows 7 sadly.

  12. Sounds great. I am just waiting a new ADATA mSATA 256GB SSD and I will directly install the release preview.

  13. How do you enable buttons in Wndows 8 on its ep 121 after it is updated to 701
    Perhaps you could make a little guide?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Is there still a problem with pinch & zoom in OneNote (as reported on the tabletpcreview forums) when running Windows 8?

    • I’m running the Office 2013 preview and that version of OneNote seems to be working fine. I don’t have the Office 2010 OneNote installed unfortunately.

  15. Scratch that, looks like you just need to plug in a USB keyboard press F2 during post, this will get you into the bios where you will find a built in utility to flash the bios from a USB key, Mine was 2 GB and formatted in NTFS, Worked a treat

  16. Unfortunately if you an already running windows 8 Preview on your EP121 I you will find that Winflash is not supported to upgrade to bios version 701 I also cannot find a bootable tool to update the slates Bios Independent of 0S yet

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Excellent, thank you for the info.

  18. Yes, but this won’t work on the 32G machine will it?

    • If your comment is referring to the amount of disk space required for Windows 8, then there will be no problem installing on the 32GB system. Even with the complete Office suite installed and over 20 apps it is occupying under 20GB.

    • Yes thank you, the comment is about disk space. When I called ASUS about installing Win8 on the EP121 with 32GB, I was told there was not enough space and was not supported by ASUS. I assume this has changed?

    • The person you spoke with at Asus who gave you this information is unfortunately mis-informed. Windows 8 works fine with 32GB.

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