Power Supply Facts

The EP121 uses a customized version of the Innergie mCube Lite power supply.  The major difference between the two (other than product logo) is the EP121 has a single DC input connector designed solely for the slate while the mCube Lite comes with a set of interchangeable connectors.  I have submitted a query to Innergie to see if they include a DC connector that is compatible with the EP121.  I will update this post when I hear back.  At the time of this writing, the price is listed at $79.99.

Details are here:


Update 2: Innergie has yet to reply but as per the user comment below, it is confirmed that Asus US is now selling EP121 power supplies.



28 Responses to “Power Supply Facts”

  1. I don’t think I could ever keep up with maintaining a blog like this! Impressive piece of work and I really would like to see you keep on for a long time.

  2. My original ASUS supplied power pack died recently, presumedly from overheating. I bought online from China a compatable after-market replacement for less than 1/2 the cost of the genuine (I bought 2, 1 ofr home and 1 for the office). They work for, I ordered an Australian plug and it is fine and the EP121 tip is integral to the unit. It is a fairly standard bulky black power pack though, with no USB power port or the slimness that the orginal item has. Goggle search for EP121 power supplies and you will find cheap replacements from China.

    • Dave can you tell me who the australian supplier of the EP121 power tip is. I have broken mine and just need to replace teh tip the rest of teh power pack works ok

  3. Does anyone else’s DC power Supply fit loosely into the connector? Mine constantly falls out. It works but it is loose.

    • No, I’ve had two because my first fell off the roof of my car; I’m an idiot, but both of the DC power supply’s fit perfectly and had a good amount of resistance when plugged in.

      I think you should get it looked at or kick up a stink about a faulty product.

  4. HI. Got the 121 last October. My problem is the short battery life…I average around 3.5 to 4 hours. I was thinking of getting an extended battery like the Energizer XP18000 but am wary if the specs fit the power requirements of the 121. Anybody can help me? I sthe XP18000 safe for the 121? Yup, I also know that I would have to purchase a tip to fit the 121.
    Thank you.

    • I use the Energizer expal XP18000 and it works fine on the EP121. I bought mine on ebay from USA, and its an older unit that does not come standard with an EP121 tip. However, I was able to register it as per the instructions it came with (can’t remeber if it was an expal or energizer web site), and for a few $ it gave me the name of a local Australian supplier of the EP121 tip, which cost me a few $. I use a small adapter to plug the XP18000’s US plug into Australian power outlets. It can only be used through the XP18000 battery, so it can not be used as a non-battery power pack, unless you were able to get a tep that connects the power pack’s tip that usually goes into the battery, directly to the EP121 instead.

  5. Just wondering which tip you purchased for the tekkeon my power ?


  6. The reason for sacrificing to the slate format is portability. Surely that means independence from mains power supplies for extended periods. This is where the 121 falls down. Does anyone know of an extension battery pack solution that might do?

    • DenverBuckeye Says:

      I bought the Tekkeon myPower ALL cited below and for $3 ordered the Asus tip and couldn’t be happier. I get about 3 hours on my EP121 and the Tekkeon gives me the option to add another 3 or 6 hours. Plus it’s versatile enough to power my Internet hotspot at the same time. Sweet deal.

    • @DenverBuckeye – which model of the myPower ALL did you get – the 3750?

  7. I can verify that Innergie has a plug that fits, it’s not part of the package so you’ll need to request for it. According to the rep I spoke to the EP 121 was the only unit that used that plug.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Franz: which tip for the sony viao 5 series did you get? would like to know what tip number was

  9. streamjunkie Says:

    1) Someone please confirm:
    Can anyone confirm the size of the adaptaplug?
    An adaptaplug G is equivalent to 3.0 ODx1.1 ID and it looks too small.

    I have an old Turquoise Adaptaplug and it fits fine. But this old plug has no letter to it for me to confirm.

    2) Energizer XP18000 runs tablet great but doesn’t come with a compatible adaptaplug. Taking a 6′ female/female adptaplug extension and putting the right plugs on each end makes a perfect power cable.

    3) You can buy a generic power supply for $18 + shipping on Amazon now

  10. It was only a matter of time. A cheaper alternative has appeared on ebay


    $19.99 plus $5.99 shipping in the U.S.

    • Tekkeon makes a plug that fits the slate and Innergie perfectly. The model is PA-L30 (http://www.tekkeon.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=20&idproduct=42). The tip is 3mm OD and 1.1mm ID. It fits as well as the OEM plug. They are $2.95 each. I got 3 and the shipping was $2.56 for USPS (be sure to change the shipping provider). I ordered Monday and had them Friday. It is worth noting that the plugs I received differ from the picture on the web site in that the pins are not exposed. They have a collar around them which has a flat spot for polarity setting on the Tekkeon and Innergie adapters.

  11. If you buy the mCube, like I did, request a Sony Vaio 5 series tip from the free tip program. That tip has the exact same look and polarity as the original power supply.

    The Vaio 5 series is the superslim notebook and you can also use the sony power supply, as I tried this first form a college in Japan.

    • Could you clarify on which tip you got? I can’t find any info on a “Vaio 5 Series”. If you have particular Vaio model number, or the letter on the tip you received, it would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Any word yet on the tip?

  13. Denver Buckeye Says:

    I bought the mCube Lite and it looks exactly like the EP121 power wupply except for the interchangeable tip. You get a nice baggie of tips but sadly none are small enough to fit the EP121. Not willing to give up on my $80 investment, I spent another $19 on a Walmart universal power supply that had the right tip (but it is underpowered for notebook use). The Walmart tip has the same two-prong end that fits nicely into the Innergie power supply (once you figure out which way is positive) and if it weren’t for the fact that the tip is black and the power supply is white it looks like a perfect match and works great.

  14. Nice work so far

  15. Excellent, looking forward to finding the answer. It would be nice to have a “travel” power supply.

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