Intel 80GB SSD Reviewed

For those of you thinking you’ll want to take on the task of upgrading your EP121’s SSD, the SSD Review website has just posted their first look at Intel’s 80GB mSATA offering which is expected to appear in Lenovo’s upcoming 310 laptop.  While it looks promising, the expected price is around $179 so voiding the EP121 warranty and spending that much money for an additional 16GB of storage seems questionable.


5 Responses to “Intel 80GB SSD Reviewed”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Costco is selling the Kingston SSDNOW 120 Gb kit for 169… I will be upgrading to this drive to get some hard disk room…

  2. Jose Alegría Says:

    I’m realy interested in having a Asus EEE SLate for many reasons, but the only reason I haven’t bought one is because I think it’s going to be updated;
    – new processor from new series of Core i5
    – USB port 3.0
    – …..
    Do you know when Asus is going to updated it? I guess many people is waiting for Windows 8 tablet prepared?
    Please tell me something about this.
    Thankyou and best regrads

  3. daichiasuka Says:

    I recently purchased the Renice 120GB SSD drive that works with this device. I’m looking to write a simple review for it, but I do not have a blog and am not interested in starting one for this purpose. If I wrote a comprehensive review would you be interested in hosting it?

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