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Due to the incredible volume of spam on the discussion board and the much much lower traffic, I have closed the discussion forum.




We now have our own dedicated forum to discuss all things EP121 🙂



13 Responses to “Discussion Forum is now live!”

  1. Hi, anybody know any good cases or mounting brackets to mount it in a rack or so? seems hard to find gadgets to it.
    BTW. nice to have this blog up!

    • looking have been looking for a protective casing myself, can’t find any. The Asus casing makes it just thicker without protecting the edges. Let us know in this forum if you find anything.

  2. I have ep121 4GB. The speed step doesn’t seem to work on the core i5. According to intel website, the cpu frequency you see when you right-click my computer and select properties should change somehow based on how much workload the cpu has. But my frequency always stays at 1.33GHz no matter how much work the cpu has. Or is this normal?

  3. Hi,
    ASUS listed in the spec-sheet on their site that it has Mic-Array. In standard voice-recognition environment that will imply the device has more than 1 Mic built in.

    Can you confirm for me if this is true. That will be a decision make for me if it has it.

  4. EP, couple comments …

    First, your Product Tour is great, and ASUS could take a page from your book and link everyone to your page instead of the one they posted.

    Secondly, I just ordered my EP121 from the Microsoft Store website, and it’s expected to arrive on April 5th. Prior to ordering, I spent 2 weeks looking at all the discussions on the various boards regarding this device, and I came across some pre-release videos and stills that show the EP121 was going to have a keyboard/docking station that held the slate so that when connected together, the slate/keyboard combination was more like a laptop, and still quite thin. The keyboard was also said to have a 500mb hard drive in it too (links below). I expect that, like iPad 2, there will be an EP121-v2 as well. Seeing as the current model does not appear to have the needed opening in the bottom, I may be back at the store when v2 comes out. I hope the battery life is also expanded…

    I also saw on the Microsoft Store site at the link below, that someone has created what appears to be a Plexiglas stand, and if you read the “It’s Not Very PC” side it suggests that the slate comes with a stand (quote: Once you take the Eee Slate off its stand, you can also expect infinite possibilities anywhere), however I’ve not read anything anywhere else that suggests the EP121 comes with any sort of stand.

    Keyboard stills and video:

    Keyboard stills:

    Microsoft Store:

    • The keyboard dock with extra hard drive and battery was called the “Transformer” and was an early concept prototype based on the promise of using an “Atom” class processor from Intel which would have allowed the slate to be much thinner. However that CPU did not live up to the performance expectations for Windows so the entire transformer concept never made it into production for the EP121. It is however slated for an Android type of product though I have no details around that.

      The acrylic/plastic stand is not something I’ve seen in production anywhere. Not sure if it was produced as a prop for the videos. Certainly looks simple enough to make at a local plastics shop. Though I’d caution that even though it looks stylish – when day to day use is considered – not sure I’d want to pop a 2.5lb slate in and out of that acrylic block. I can envision mishaps that cause the slate to drop and/or get stressed at the base (when poking at the screen with your finger) and/or get scratched. I’ve been using the 3M LX550 stand and although it is not as stylish – it is quite protective and forgiving for daily use. There is a post on my site if you want a closer look at the 3M stand.

    • I also was concerned at the design of stand that was shown on the Microsoft site as it appeared that the support in the back was not tall enough to provide the necessary brace especially when the EP121 was standing in portrait mode and/or it would put too much stress on the bottom of the tablet and break the EP121. The support stand you profile is the one I’ve purchased.

  5. What accessories are available for the epe121? I have preordered one and am wondering if an extra dock & keyboard are available.

    • It ships with a keyboard already. That keyboard is a re-branded Microsoft Mobile 6000 Bluetooth keyboard. So you could simply purchase one of those if you wanted a 2nd keyboard quickly rather than going through Asus which would probably take a bit of time.
      As for a dock – it doesn’t ship with one and has no docking port. But if you wanted a good desktop stand, I would recommend reading my post on the 3M LX550.

    • Thanks for the response, I gues the biggest thing I’d like to get is an extra power cord, sounds like that may be handy. I plan on using this both in office and at home…so would be easier not just havig one at both loactions.

  6. im thinking of buying it,ive phone Bestbuy ,they should rceive it this week.(Quebec).

    ive got a question,is it a good idea to take extended warranty on it?
    like the battery,can we change it by our self or we need to ship it at ASUS?

    ps. great work,nice website

    • The battery is not user replaceable.
      As for extended warranties – I believe there is already a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. For me personally, that is good enough. This is a solid state device with no major moving parts.
      But you’ll need to make your own decision on whether or not to buy the extended warranty.

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