Where To Buy

The EP121 has pretty much finished its retail run.  There are still some places online that have stock.  FNAC in Europe and Amazon in the U.S. show them as available from time to time.

Asus has introduced a business version of the EP121 and its model number is B121.  The main difference is the inclusion of TPM support which is important for many enterprise customers.

Here is a link to the Asus promotional site:




28 Responses to “Where To Buy”

  1. J and R has them (jr.com). I just bought a 64gb model and it took about 2.5 weeks to get it. The amazon price shot up $300 the day after I bought mine from JR.

  2. Hi,

    Anyone know when i can buy the EP121 in Portugal ?

    Where can i see the release dates?


  3. I ordered 64G Asus EP121 from Amazon on the 16th March when they were shown as out of stock. I have now received a estimated delivery date as 23rd – 24th March.

  4. BH Photo has the 64GB/4G on stock right now. I ordered one yesterday. Everyone else is out of stock.


  5. Slate Luster Says:

    NewEgg has the 2Gb/32Gb IN STOCK today (3/15)

  6. Frys is expecting a very very small shipment in my area (in the next couple days)… also the representative said the reason for the delays is that Microsoft had not produced enough of the Bluetooth keyboards. Apparently, Asus has plenty produced but the MS dropped the ball here.

  7. Amazon Germany started taking pre-orders 2 days ago. Price tag reads 999,- Euros for the “big” model, the 2 GB/32 GB SSD is not even offered.


    • Update: Pre-order turned into a “normal” order, delivery is supposed to happen…today!


    • They don’t ship until 12. April now. Last time I checked it was 15. March and just when I decide to order today they change the date. The only other seller is Media Markt which I don’t like. I haven’t been able to find another German seller? Does anyone know one?

    • OK. I still ordered the same day and they will deliver it tomorrow. About 3 weeks earlier than expected.

  8. hyderak999232@starband.net Says:

    I’m not finding any mention on the Microsoft site that they are shipping beginning today. Should I order from Microsoft today and then cancel my “holding” order on Amazon? Which might be quicker?

  9. Is there any new information on availability of this product thru Amazon?

  10. One additional option is to order the EP121 off of Ebay. That’s what I ended up doing because everywhere else is out of stock and I didn’t want to place an order to be filled…whenever. Granted, I paid a pretty penny for it (nearly $1500 total) but I think it’ll be worth it in the long run.

  11. Well, my order is in now, so hope those allotments happen soon! If anyone finds a place to get it prior to Amazon shipping again I hope you’ll post it here. I’ll post when I have a ship date for mine!

  12. Hey ep121,

    Amazon is back to out of stock.

    Any little birdies whispering in your ear just what the heck is going on with the shipping snafu??

  13. EP121, do you think that this affects the slate?

    or the i5 included doesn’t fall in that category of chips!

  14. Is there any difference, manufacturing wise, between the frys and amazon lots? I’ve noticed the model numbers are different.

  15. Amazon ping pong continues. They are taking preorders again. This is the text they have.

    This item has not yet been released.
    You may pre-order it now and we will deliver it to you when it arrives.
    Ships from and sold by Amazon.com.

    It sure has plummeted in the sales ranking though.

    ep121, as an enthusiast and someone who seems to know about the market, are you surprised at the clamor for this machine? I really thought by ordering on the 7th when it was available first on the 4th that I would have no problem getting one. All I hear is people saying wait for the Ipad2 or wait for Honeycomb. For something nobody wants it sure seems to be tough to get.

    Thanks for the blog 🙂

    • The market has been waiting for a truly performant Windows pen slate for a long time. So not surprising demand is high. There’s a whole community of professionals/students/designers out there that need what an EP121 can deliver. I think that is a much different group than those that can make do with an iPad or Honeycomb device. Different segments entirely in my opinion.

  16. The tablets that seem to be found are the 32Gb. People need to be aware of what they are getting.

  17. folks, why wait on amazon. go to frys electronics. they have alot of them in stock. I bounght my tablet from frys last friday. i cancel my amazon preorder. I love this tablet. the screen is awesome

  18. availability- Now Amazon is no longer accepting orders, and Microsoft B&H is saying “March.” It was unwise for Asus to tease potential buyers by promising what they could not deliver. The galling part is that some lucky devils have had theirs for several weeks. I wish Asus would issue a statement saying that the demand is overwhelming them, and a realistic time frame for shipping from a US vendor is March [April, June, August, October.] Then those of us who are eager could get on with our lives for a while. OR, if there are defects that are causing a hold-back, potential customers have a right to be informed of that, too.

    • I wouldn’t jump to conclusions here. The fact that Amazon is not taking any more orders would tell me that they’ve filled all the orders for their initial allotment and are waiting for details on their 2nd allotment before opening up the pre-orders again. I would take the B&H March statement as confirming that they have received information regarding the 2nd allotment. Everything I can find from my sources still tells me early February for the first batch of shipments – and there are no manufacturing issues.

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