3M LX550 Desktop Stand Review

While using the EP121 at my desk, I like to connect it to my large monitor via HDMI and to my USB Keyboard and Mouse.  The EP121 then becomes my secondary monitor where it sits to the side showing things like my calendar and such while I do my main work on the large monitor.

In my search for a desktop stand to accomodate this setup, I came across the 3M LX550.  This is a simple desktop stand that allows me to position the EP121 at almost full vertical.  Here’s a shot of how it looks with the slate on it:


The lower and upper portions of the stand are rubberized providing protection and grip:

The angle of the stand can be adjusted up to 3 inches and is locked in place with a thumb screw:

The rear of the stand has a slot where cables can be routed allowing for a clean cable management solution:

The stand itself is extremeley light but when the EP121 is placed on it, the stand’s rubber feet grip the table and it simply doesn’t budge.  The slate is supported very securely.

Now for the best part:  It’s almost as if this stand was custom made for the EP121 as it curves around the back to meet the slate at the top without covering any of the air vents!

The 3M LX550 retails for under $30 USD.  I purchased mine at Amazon and have been very happy with it.


11 Responses to “3M LX550 Desktop Stand Review”

  1. I do trust all the concepts you’ve presented in your post. They’re very convincing and will certainly work.
    Nonetheless, the posts are very quick for newbies.
    May just you please lengthen them a little from next time?
    Thank you for the post.

  2. LChris Christenson Says:

    I just bought my ep121. I’m excited to begin. This site is great. I’m so glad to have found it.

  3. Just bought this on your recommendation.

  4. Do you only use this stand because you like to position your EP121 at almost vertical? I thought you could use the folio to position it any way you like? Is that not possible with the folio?

  5. I think this is an awesome resource! I think the author should be awarded a medal. I learned that, what I did not already know about the EP121.

    I am an early purchaser of the EXOPC. I paid $ 825.00 USD. I thought that was a terrific product until I purchased the EP121. Based upon the EXOPC performance for $ 825.00, the EP121 should cost 1,600.00, proportionately speaking!. The Asus EP 121 raised the bar for all slates and I’ll immediately sell my EXOPC. This EP121 is almost s fast as my desktop I7 and every bit as stable and fun to use.

    Gosh, what a great product, thank you Asus and, and now knowing about this great site (thank you sir) and, where the drivers are etc., because of this site, what a terrific resource this site is. Also, thanks to this site’s author, I simply did an upgrade to Ultimate (I needed RDP) so, I would not disturbe the original OS install!

    GREAT JOB!!!

  6. Pixographer Says:

    Thanks for your very informative reviews and responses to reader questions. My question has to do with the use of the EP121 with an external display.

    From your write-up above, it sounds one can have dual simultaneous displays and the external display can be set up to have it’s own display resolution and display content different than that on the EP121’s built-in display (as opposed to mirroring the EP121’s display). Am I correct in my reading? If so, what is the highest resolution available on the external display?

    Thanks in advance for your time in researching and replying to my questions.

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