Asus EP121 Specifications

  • 12.1” 1280×800 AFFS+ Wideview LED backlit display (16:10 aspect ratio)
    • 175 degree viewing angle in all 4 orientations
    • 220 nits
    • Corning Gorilla Glass cover lens
    • Multi-touch capacitive digitizer with support for 2 fingers
    • Wacom EM digitizer (256 levels of pressure sensitivity)
  • Intel Dual Core i5 470UM CPU (ULV) with Intel HD graphics
  • 2GB or 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 RAM
  • 32GB or 64GB SSD
  • Accelerometer sensor for automatic display rotation
  • Radios
    • Bluetooth 3.0
    • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
  • Buttons
    • Volume rocker switch
    • Power switch
    • Keyboard button to activate software keyboard (press and hold for ESC)
    • Rotation lock switch
    • Flip 3D button on front of display (press and hold for CTRL-ALT-DEL)
    • Reset button (pinhole)
  • Inputs/Outputs
    • Stereo speakers
    • 2 USB ports (USB 2.0)
    • Microphone
    • 3.5mm combo headphone/microphone input jack
    • Mini HDMI
    • DC IN
    • SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC Card reader/writer
    • 2MP Webcam
    • Integrated pen storage compartment
  • Indicators
    • Power LED
    • Charge LED
  • 34WH battery (not user replaceable)
  • 12.28 x 8.16 x 0.67 inches / 311.91 x 207.26 x 17.01 mm
  • 2.53lbs / 1.15kg
  • Included Accessories
    • Slim profile 19.5V 3.08A power supply with auxiliary 5V 1A USB charging port (can charge slate and mobile device simultaneously)
    • Slim profile Bluetooth keyboard with 2 AAA batteries
    • Folio case
      • integrated pen holder
      • flip out landscape easel
      • flip out portrait easel
      • anti-skid edges for upright landscape orientation
    • Wacom EM pen with eraser (no buttons on pen).  Part number 04G514000902
    • Extra nibs for pen with nib removal tool
    • Recovery discs with support to create recovery USB thumb drive (BIOS will boot to USB drive automatically)
    • Cleaning cloth
    • Printed user manual (PDF version also included)
    • Warranty card
  • Included Software (may vary by region)
    • Microsoft Windows 7 64bit Home Premium
    • Microsoft Windows Live Essentials
    • Microsoft TouchPack for Windows 7
    • Microsoft Office 2010 Starter
    • Ambient Design’s ArtRage Studio 3 (full version)
    • Asus WebStorage
    • Asus Vibe
    • Asus Control Deck
    • Asus DLNA media-sharing application
    • Roxio Player Deluxe
    • Amazon Kindle for PC
    • PDF version of user manual
  • MSRP (USD)
    • 2GB RAM 32GB SSD $999
    • 4GB RAM 64GB SSD $1099

58 Responses to “Asus EP121 Specifications”

  1. Fantastic post. I am definitely looking forward to reading more articles 🙂

  2. keylee gomez Says:

    hey i just bought a use ASUS Eee Slate EP121-1A011M 12.1-Inch Tablet PC and it came locked how do i reset it and unlock it?

    • If you mean that Windows is asking for a password, then you will either need the original user to provide you with the password or you will need to perform the factory recovery with the recovery DVD or re-install Windows. There is a post on this blog that explains how to clean install Windows 7 if you need to do that.

  3. John Whetstone Says:

    Hi, I just purchased one of these and it looks great. I do have one big problem, though… I can’t get the virtual keyboard to work. I know it’s supposed to be activated by button number 3 in the manual, but when I cycle that button nothing happens. The only time I can get the virtual keyboard to appear is when I log in.

    Any ideas?


    • Anonymous Says:

      When the keyboard appears click on “Tools” at the top and select the options you prefer. Hope it works. You can put a link on the Taskbar.

  4. Mike Kelley Says:

    how do I find the MAC address on a ep121?

  5. Hello, can the ep121 be charged via the USB ports ?

  6. I believe the battery is not user replaceable, so how long would it be before the EP becomes an expensive brick? 🙂

    • As with any electronics device with internal batteries, when the battery has reached the end of its useful life, there are likely going to be 3rd party services that will offer a replacement option. As an example, my 5 year old Garmin GPS’ internal battery reached end of life and I found a replacement service that put in a new battery for less than $30.
      When looking at the trend of slate devices in general (iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kindles, etc) – they all have non-replaceable internal batteries. So the market will likely produce replacement options when the time comes.

  7. hi,
    ad resolution on HDMI:
    working on HDMI with HDMI to DVI Adapter to a 24″ Monitor: 1920×1200 no problems

  8. I am well pleased with this product. However, inexplicably the screen rotate orientation (when you turn the slate around) suddenly stopped working a couple of days ago – is this a known bug?

    Of course I tried the button, all the applicable Windows controls, the ASUS Utility Control Deck etc to no avail. I can still re-orient the screen, but only manually via the Windows controls.

    In addition the Virtual Keyboard button also doesn’t work either now.

    Perhaps I did something, but cannot recall. I have tried everything known to no avail. Anyone out there with answers?

    • Things go to sleep sometimes. I correct it by clicking the Top Left Button off and on, or by Restart-ing, which has always worked for me, or you could try Shut-ing Down and restarting or you could re-install Factory Settings using the disc .. for which you’ll need an external Optical Drive, which I had to buy immediately to install some programmes.

    • I have the same problem…after a few days the exact same thing happened to me. Did you find a way to resolve the problem?

    • I’m sure you have found the answer to this long before I am replying, but I have the answer. I searched another blog and in it was a simple description of the buttons on the sides and top of the ep121. Next to the On/Off button is the instant keyboard button, and next to it is a screen orientation lock button. If you have accidentally slid it into lock postion, your screen won’t rotate. I had inadvertantly locked mine, pushed the button the other direction and now it is working perfectly again. Simple. I am grateful it was nothing wrong with my ep121; I love this tablet!

    • Was there ever a fix found to this. My screen no longer rotates while locked, or unlocked. Mine stopped working after about a month of use.

  9. Do you know of a way to hook the Slate up to typical conference room projectors? In other words, I need to go from mini HDMI to VGA. I think I can do USB to VGA as a possible secondary option but would prefer the other option.

  10. How do you use the camera on this slate????

    • You need to use software that makes use of a camera – like Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Windows Live Moviemaker, etc.

  11. Does this comes with any pre-installed Anti-virus software?

  12. Hi!, thanks for all the info.

    One question… i know the device is equipped with gorilla glass, and i saw in some unboxing videos that it comes covered with some sort of lcd protector. Did you remove this screen protector? did you buy another one?.

    Thanks again!

    • That was not a screen protector. It was just a piece of plastic that Asus put some stickers on. I have never used a screen protector.

    • Thank you, i asked you because i scratched my gorilla glass galaxy S phone in my pocket (with the keys i guess…) so i dont really trust on it very much.

      Surfing the internet i came acrosss with this:

      For some people this thing also provides a better inking experience because it helps to slide the pen over the screen (i dont know if i can say that, im from argentina and my english is a bit rusty :P).


  13. I’m a little confused about what pens will and won’t work with the Asus?? Would this pen work?

    Axiotron AXT-MB100-0S01

    It says it won’t work with Wacom name brand tablets, but will it work with the 121?

    • I’m not familiar with Axiotron but their website states that the modbook uses a Wacom Penabled digitizer which is what the EP121 uses so I suspect that pen would work but I have never tried it myself.
      I also suspect that when the website states it won’t work with Wacom name brand tablets they are referring to the Cintiq and Intuos products – and yes – the EP121 pens won’t work on those.

  14. Please forgive this dumb question. My current laptop that I am looking to replace has Itunes on it with all my music, videos etc. I am assuming I cannot download Itunes on this device. Correct? Thanks so much for this detailed review.

    • The EP121 is a PC running full Windows 7. So you can download iTunes to it and any other software that you currently use on your laptop. It is no different than your laptop in terms of architecture – with the exception that it does not have an attached keyboard.

    • Be sure to look into having a tablet as a laptop replacement. What are you using your laptop for? Can you ‘miss’ the keyboard for day to day work?

      I’m thinking a lot of people aren’t really looking into the differences of using a tablet and laptop.

      They’re different beasts for different purposes, although they’re both full fledged windows machines.

    • I don’t miss the keyboard because the EP121 comes with a keyboard. So I use it when I need to do some heavy writing. The only difference between a notebook and the EP121 is the keyboard is wireless.

  15. I am trying to find the exact model number (all the information I can) of the Wacom EM pen that is included. Secondly, where can I buy it?

    • I don’t have the part number unfortunately but I suspect a call into Asus Service could provide that. As for buying it, since it’s a customized pen for Asus, you would likely need to order it directly from Asus. But if you simply wanted a pen that will work with the EP121 and don’t mind that it’s not the same one that it ships with, then any Wacom Tablet PC pen will work. These can be ordered directly from Wacom or from a Tablet PC vendor like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu or Motion. (note – this does not include Cintiq or the Intuos line of pens).

  16. Multitouch Says:

    Wait, so the ep121 only supports up to 2 simultaneous finger touch inputs?

  17. Hey there.

    I am wondering why there is nothing about 3g connectivity. In the first announcements of asus there was a sim-card slot. But now there are no information whether it supports mobile internet or not.

    Do you have any ideas about it?


  18. Ha,

    Another one….

    What are the wakeup times when bringing the tablet back from hibernate/sleep mode?

    Booting is already very fast, I was wondering about the hibernate/sleep modes, as one wouldn’t use the tablet for hours when ‘couchsurfing’ of using it on location somewhere.



  19. I have the dimensions for the slate (12.3 * 8.2 * 0.7), but when you can, would you post what the dimensions are WITH the folio case on?
    (Just trying to see if it will fit into my Messenger bag, or if I’ll need to go back to using my briefcase.) Thanks!

  20. Hey,

    Curious about the wifi card. Do you have the exact model number? Specifically, does it support 5ghz N?

    I have tons of 2.4ghz b/g pollution in my place and have been looking at new 5Ghz Wireless N routers (like the Asus RT-N16). The Intel 5300agn on my 18 month old Dell XPS 1640 supports 5 Ghz but on the EP121 Amazon page it says “Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n (@ 2.4GHz), Bluetooth v3.0”


    • CryptoWilly Says:

      Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless Network Adapter. Specs on ASUS website indicate WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n@2.4GHz

  21. Strangely enough, my previous questions were removed?

    Here we go again 😉

    If one would install multiple OS’s on the EP121, how can you access the menulist at boot? Maybe the big button next to the screen?

    Did someone try to set up a USB2LAN cable to see if that works properly?

    Also, can someone test DSLR Remote Pro if possible?



    • To access the boot menu, connect a USB wired keyboard and hold the ESC key immediately after you power on the system.

      I have used a USB LAN adaptor and it worked fine once the drivers were installed.

    • Hi,

      So without the keyboard, there’s no way to scroll the W7 boot menu, or a combo of OS’ in the list after the BIOS boot? There’s no additonial use for -say- the volume rocker or something to select stuff when id “dos’ mode?

      For me it would be interesting to run W7, Ubuntu and Android Honeycomb on the tablet (best of all worlds), but having to get a kb for accessing the boot list feels a bit unnecessary 😉



    • The volume rockers can scroll up/down in non-Windows (BIOS) mode. And the large front button acts as an Enter key. So you can easily select which OS to boot without a keyboard.

    • Hi,

      Yes, that’s what I was thinking about 🙂

      I can’t wait for the EP121 to show up over here, as overseas orders are quite difficult atm..



  22. UnderClock Says:


    In your review you already pointed out the fact that the EP121 own screen and the external monitor can be used at the same time.

    Do you know the maximum resolution of the external display? Is that 1920×1080 or 1920×1200? Since I own a 1920×1200 24″LG monitor, I hope the latter, but it is not always supported.

  23. Hi,
    From the list of softwares provided, I did not see Windows Journal, which is the one I use most.
    Windows Journal should work with this tablet. Can we download it from Microsoft or copied from my original ?
    Thanks for the effort.

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